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For this blog, I thought it would be fun to share my bucket list and I encourage you to share yours in the comments! Recently, people have asked me why I have a bucket list. “That’s something you do when you’re old.” It could be because I am going through a midlife crisis early, but really it’s because why NOT now?! I don’t want to wait till I am old to do the things I long to do. I want to do it when I’m young and can really enjoy it. Not to mention, tomorrow is never promised so do the things you want today.

The first thing I ever put on my bucket list, and the only thing that was on it for a long time, is to swim with sharks. Specifically, Great Whites (go big or go home) in Cape Cod. I would of course be in a cage. I know it will be such a thrill and amazing experience to be around such powerful creatures that have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Thankfully, Cape Cod has many opportunities to make this happen so hopefully in the next two years I will achieve this dream.

The next couple deal with travel. There are many places I would love to see but the two I have on my bucket list are Hawaii and Scotland. Hawaii has always seemed like a tropical paradise with all the beaches, food, dancing, waterfalls, volcanos and so much more. I haven’t had much opportunity to see somewhere like Hawaii and I really hope one day I can. Maybe I will even try surfing. Scotland is an absolute must for me. Right at the top of my list with swimming with sharks. Most of my heritage is Scottish. Like I said in a previous post, my grandmother was born in Scotland and came over to America sometime in the 50’s. She had her Scottish accent until the day she died. Scotland was always her home. Not only do I want to go to Scotland for myself but for her. I know she would be thrilled for me to experience the beauty and peacefulness of her homeland. I may never come home. I want to see Edinburgh Castle, discover the Loch Ness, explore the Scottish Highlands, enjoy some Scotch Whisky, visit family I still have there, see where my grandma grew up and of course see The Isle of Skye. My goal is to visit Scotland by 2026.

Kind of along the lines of the last two, I would love to drive on the Autobahn. Some people might say I go a little fast when driving. So what better way to be able to let loose and feel free than on the one road in the world where the recommended speed limit is 80 mph, but you are free to go as fast as you want in certain parts. The real dream would be to rent a Porsche and drive it on the Autobahn. Hopefully one day.

Next on my list is to learn to play piano. I have always wanted to learn, and it is my own fault I haven’t accomplished this yet. I plan on changing that. There are so many incredible songs out there that I would love to learn. Like Piano Man (obviously), Let it Be, Mad World and so many more. To me, it is the prettiest-sounding instrument.

The last item on my list may seem a little silly but damnit I really want to learn… how to YoYo! It is so frustrating that I can’t do it. But that will change. I am determined to at least be able to get it to come back up once. It will happen. I promise you that.

There it is! That is my bucket List. I’m sure I will add more to it in the years to come. Please, don’t forget to comment on this blog and share your Bucket List. I would love to see what you put high on your list and your must-dos. Let’s all start going through these lists now. Why wait?!

“We should all start to live before we get too old.” – Marilyn Monroe

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